Chant reunites several centuries of history.  It mysteriously brings together an almost delirious fervor and a most exquisite inner peace.  Chant is a paradoxical world where music blossoms in the silence.” - Dom Saulnier, Abbey of Solesmes


Chant as a Prayer

Being Fully Present

Chant allows us to slow down our intellect and let the words soak in.  Chanting is the simplest form of music, much easier than singing, and no instruments are required.  Chant tones are derived from the ancient modes, which affect our emotions in a deeper way than modern music does.

In chant, we start with any pitch and then go up or down from there. There are no virtuoso soloists.  Instead, chanting in unison with the people around us creates beauty.

Anyone can chant and can lead the prayers of the Liturgy of the Hours.  There is no special training or ordination required.  It is as easy as picking up a book, listening to one's neighbor, and joining in.