St. Anthony Parish Vespers

St. Anthony Parish has started Vespers on Tuesday evenings!  The parish has a group of about twenty people who get together weekly for Evening Prayer.  The group uses the widely-acclaimed and easy-to-use Word on Fire Liturgy of the Hours booklets.  The evening begins with a chance to mention someone or something to pray for, and several people offer up prayers.  The hymn comes from the hymnal found at the back of the booklet.  It is a simple, traditional chant, much like the hymns we use.  They recite the psalms but then sing the beautiful Owen Alstott version of the Magnificat, "My Soul Rejoices."  The evening ends with a bit of Lectio Divina with participants offering thoughts of which lines or phrases meant something to them and why.

The setting is beautiful St. Anthony Church, in the pews in front of the mural, with a little incense.  Prayers begin at 7:00 p.m.

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